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Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio Frequency Therapy

Radio Frequency Therapy, using a non-hormonal and non-invasive mono-polar and multi-polar radio frequency device to address internal and external vaginal health restoration, labia skin tightening, and mons pubis reduction. This non-hormonal and non-invasive treatment option ensures optimal patient safety, comfort, and hygiene with single-use applicators, while delivery noticeable results with zero downtime. Feminine hygiene is a battle against infections and detrimental diseases. RF vaginal treatments helps to stabilize the vaginal mucosal health, maintain vaginal PH and also in proliferation of Lactobacillii - The essential bacteria of overall vaginal health. Three treatments spaced one month apart are required for vaginal skin tightening.

Monopolar Therapy, using a non-hormonal and non-surgical treatment for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Monopolar is a form of energy medicine that uses heat therapy delivered via radio frequency (RF) waves to promote collagen synthesis, shrinkage and tightening of female tissues. Applying heat to tissue has become the standard for promoting collagen remodeling, which helps strengthen the structural support columns and improve the integrity of the skin. Monopolar encourages new, tighter collagen production and improved coordination of muscle activity and strength.

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