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About Intimate Wellness Institute™




About Intimate Wellness Institute™

When it comes to their own healthcare, women are often left in the dark. You may not have access to the information and resources you need. You may even be discouraged from seeking your own answers. At Intimate Wellness Institute, we want you to have the tools, education and support you need to live the life you want.

  • Advocate for yourself and your health. Speak up until you are heard.
  • Empower yourself to make choices about your own body and healthcare.
  • Be proactive Ask questions, get answers, do research and explore options.
  • Get expert care from compassionate, respectful women’s health providers who understand the intimate healthcare needs of women.
  • Be bold Don’t be shy. Get what you want

"If a woman loves her own body, she doesn’t grudge what other women do with theirs; if she loves femaleness, she champions its rights." - Naomi Wolf

The Problem Women Face

As women, we have all been in the position where our pain and worries have been brushed aside or ignored by a healthcare professional. Women’s issues have typically been minimized in healthcare and in government.

When it comes to intimacy, the issue is magnified. Bringing up intimate health issues, such as vaginal pain or sexual dysfunction, is often difficult and embarrassing and frequently providers, due to lack of training or concern, tell you it's "normal" or something you just have to live with. This is demeaning and leaves women feeling powerless to address their intimate health.

The IWI Solution

Intimate Wellness Institute™ has made it our mission to ensure women are heard, that your problems with intimacy are taken seriously and that you are empowered to make the positive healthcare choices that affect your daily lives, sexual experiences and relationships. The Intimate Wellness Institute roster of recommended providers has been vetted not only for their medical expertise and service offerings but also for their compassion and forward-thinking attitudes toward women's intimate healthcare.

We want to empower women with education and access, and we seek out qualified physicians/practices who believe in this philosophy and in women's health - specifically in women's sexual health. The Intimate Wellness Institute was formed to combat the tragic lack of information for women and our commitment to help you lead full, satisfying lives. We’re here to match you with a professionally qualified physician who subscribes to the Intimate Wellness Institute™ philosophy of respect for women, your choices and your voices.

Restore Your Intimacy, Find a Provider Near You.

Our Passion

The Intimate Wellness Institute™ was founded in 2017 in recognition of the tragic lack of information, therapies and expert care available to women for their intimate wellness needs. We passionately believe women deserve to be educated about their sexuality, empowered to have healthy intimacy and to have access to trusted, caring professionals.

Who We Are

The founders of Intimate Wellness Institute™ are internationally renowned medical and industry experts in intimate wellness. We are dedicated to developing the nation’s largest and most comprehensive network of highly trained intimate wellness professionals and products that all meet Intimate Wellness Institute™ standards.

What We Do

Intimate Wellness Institute™ physicians host a comprehensive suite of products and therapies that include the most advanced, effective, non-surgical energy-based therapies, advanced hormone therapies, nutraceuticals and physical and behavioral therapies. The Intimate Wellness Institute™ treatment algorithm aims to set the gold standard for women’s sexual wellness and care. We are dedicated to researching, evaluating and implementing the most advanced and highest quality therapies available. Many Intimate Wellness Institute™ centers also offer advanced surgical pelvic reconstruction and intimate aesthetic procedures.

We’re here to help you live the exciting, fulfilling and healthy life you deserve!