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Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy for Sexual Health

Our minds and emotions are intrinsically tied to our bodies when it comes to sexual health. Both physical and emotional issues can be a part of sexual dysfunction and relationship issues, often co-occurring. Physiology, beliefs, emotions and past events can all impact our sexual lives and health and keep us from the intimacy and experiences we desire. An IWI Sexual Health Provider looks at the whole person and understands both the physical and emotional aspects of sexual health.

Many women experience emotional events that negatively impact their abilities to enjoy sex. It is considered a dysfunction if you feel it is interfering with your life or relationships or if it is leading to depression. Helping overcome these issues so you can get to a place where you are genuinely happy with your sex life – both physically and emotionally – is our goal.

If you are experiencing psychological or emotional barriers that prevent you from achieving healthy intimacy, IWI can provide a Sexual Health Provider utilizing IWI’s unique Telemedicine platform.

Empower yourself to seek the help you need for the healthy and satisfying life you deserve.

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