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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Behavioral and Emotional Roadblocks to Sexual Health

Common Conditions

Fear of Intimacy

A fear of truly opening up to another person in a sexual relationship can often be traced to past emotional traumas. Frequently it starts in childhood when parents have a rocky or violent relationship, extramarital affairs or divorce. This can leave a lasting impression on a child that nothing is forever and people can’t be trusted. Or it can happen after a woman experiences her own painful breakup and wants to protect herself from experiencing that pain again, so she shuts herself off from opportunities to get close to another person.


Everyone is raised with ideas about what is good and acceptable and what is wrong when it comes to sexual mores or identity, which may or may not have ties to religious beliefs. When you grow to have ideas or desires that conflict with your upbringing, it can cause a great deal of stress. You may be apprehensive about sex or shut down sexually to avoid dealing with the inner turmoil.

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Sexual Assault

Women who have survived sexual assault and rape have a wide spectrum of reactions to cope with as they recover. Many find that an attack is followed by years of issues, from a fear of being touched to full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder.  This happens far too often and, in general, handled poorly by law enforcement and health care providers, making the issue worse.  Being in a safe and understanding environment with the expertise and desire to help can assist in overcoming this assault.

Body Insecurity

Women who don’t feel confident about how they look are sometimes inhibited during sexual activity or avoid it altogether. Wanting to look and feel beautiful and attractive isn’t vanity; it’s a part of a woman’s identity. In some cases it’s important for a woman’s confidence to identify and improve physical issues that are causing distress. In other cases women can feel empowered by receiving help to accept their bodies. Women deserve to feel beautiful, powerful and desirable, and they deserve the education on the options and access to the resources they need to make that possible in a judgement-free environment.

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Women who were sexually abused as children face a unique set of issues when it comes to sexual health and intimacy. Sexual acts may be repulsive. They have trouble trusting anyone after suffering such a deep betrayal.


It’s hard to be fully engaged emotionally and sexually when you are worried about bills, your job, a health crisis or any other of the millions of things women deal with every day. Consultation with an IWI Telemedicine provider can help learn effective coping.

Unhappiness with your Partner

If your relationship is unfulfilling in other aspects, your sexual life will suffer. Then a poor sex life often puts even more strain on a relationship.

IWI wants you to be empowered to break down the physical and emotional barricades that are keeping you from being the woman you want to be. Let us help you find the care you need for the healthy intimacy you desire.